The SCET NET (Senza Confini Education and Training Network) project focuses on examining a cross-border exchange program for male and female students from the age of 16 in a few selected sectors.

PERIOD 1.01.2018 - 30.06.2022
BUDGET 1.161.088,60


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The SCET-NET project aims to start a stable institutional cooperation for the coordination of the regulatory and legal framework in the field of training for the definition of functional pedagogical models for the initiation of cross-border exchange paths for students and apprentices, aged 16 and over. The final objective is the recognition of skills and the adoption of shared, replicable, sustainable organizational practices.

SCET-NET is divided into a comparative analysis of existing systems, an experimentation phase of exchanges consistent with some training courses and a final evaluation/synthesis phase for the adoption of shared procedures for planning and managing cross-border training courses. SCET-NET also envisages an information, awareness and promotion campaign for all target subjects: educational institutions, students/young people, businesses, schools and the creation of a bilingual virtual platform.

The various products: studies, methods and documents, in the two languages, will constitute the extensive know-how available to all and the basis for signing institutional agreements which, together with the feasibility study of a cross-border exchange management structure, are project outputs.

The expected results of the project are:

  • sharing of a regulatory and legal framework among all the subjects involved, for the definition of pedagogical models that integrate and support cross-border exchanges in the Education and Training chain, providing practical instructions for carrying out the exchanges.
  • strengthening of the linguistic/cultural skills of the young people involved in the experimentation, language courses implemented both through classroom courses and online modules, personalized and linked to the various productive sectors.
  • strengthening of the knowledge of the cross-border market by the young people involved in the experimentation, in order to increase their mobility beyond the borders and by the companies. Awareness actions, meetings and workshops.
  • the design and implementation of a shared platform, functional to the achievement of the project objectives and sustainable that provides information, procedures, practical documents for the organization of exchanges and is accessible to all interested parties (companies, schools, students, educational institutions and training), capitalizing on previous and future experiences.
  • the design of pilot training courses and the creation of cross-border exchanges.
  • A feasibility study of a permanent structure for the management of cross-border exchanges of variable duration, between fifteen days and two months, in relation to the provisions of the various school and training courses.
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