EU-MOVE: LPT Without Borders

EU-MOVE: LPT Without Borders

PERIOD 20.11.2023 - 30.01.2026
BUDGET € 774.000,00

The EU-MOVE project aims at the removal of the main cross-border mobility-themed obstacles in order to develop a multi-level cross-border governance to implement a system of joint planning and programming of the local public passenger transport system in the cross-border area and to activate a system of structured collaboration between the operators of the three Regions involved ( Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Carinthia). Following a cross-border flow analysis (WP2), cross-border thematic tables will be launched, which will provide an opportunity for permanent dialogue and confrontation between decision makers and operators for shared planning and management of the cross-border public transport system (WP3). The activity of the tables will be prodromal to the drafting of a technical agreement between the regions for shared planning of the cross-border public transport system, for the removal of cross-border obstacles (WP4). Finally, pilot actions are planned to be implemented to test possible responses to specific problems identified in the analysis phase of existing LPT services, which will form the basis for greater coordination between transport systems at the cross-border level (WP5).

EU-MOVE: LPT Without Borders News
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