Euregio Business Forum: the first event

The first of the two events of the Euregio Business Forum was held this afternoon, an initiative organised by the EGTC Euregio Senza Confini in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of the Regions Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Carinthia, with the aim of promoting cooperation in the territory of the Euregio Area and relaunching its economy also following the impact of the emergency situation linked to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The focus of the cross-border meeting was to understand the real impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had and still has in the various economic sectors of the Euregio area and to open a reflection on the role of digitalisation and technological innovations and how these tools can not only help the economy to overcome the crisis but can also boost it.

The speeches of Dr. Renato Mason of CGIA Mestre, Dr. Meinrad Höfferer of the Chamber of Commerce of Carinthia and Dr. Antonio Bravo of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region helped to acquire useful information on the current state of the economic situation of each Region in the Euregio area and highlighted the sectors most affected by the economic crisis linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the strengths and weaknesses as well as the opportunities and threats present in the market.

The testimonies of some companies in the Euregio area that have distinguished themselves as best practices of resilience for better coping with the economic crisis using the tools of digitalisation and technological innovations, have highlighted how it is becoming increasingly important to digitise and use technological innovations, especially during the economic crisis linked to the current pandemic.

Scen srl, Infotech Srl, Apis labor GmbH and Videotec spa have highlighted how important it is for all companies to implement a digitisation process supported by a company strategy, especially in this historical period where the vulnerability of corporate networks has increased exponentially.

There was then talk about the data and the increasingly important value it assumes. Such a value necessarily leads it to be considered as a business asset and not as a cost. You always try to contain it, resise it rather than enhance it. Technological innovations are a great tool not only for the development of data but also for their protection and are also promoters of business development.

The interventions of digitisation and technological innovation experts reiterated how data is becoming more and more important and how, metaphorically speaking, it represents the oil of the future. At this historic moment we are in a phase of Data Revolution as a result of the intensification of unborn digital needs but certainly very accentuated during the pandemic.

In fact, there is a general speeding up of the phenomenon of diffusion of computer science and its tools such as smart working, e-learning and so on. The ICT world is spreading rapidly in all sectors, not just economic.

The event ended with greetings from the Chambers of Commerce of the Euregio Area, which expressed their support to companies thanks to their role not only as institutions but also actors in support of the innovation path in the field of digitalisation.

Registration of the meeting remains available on the institutional page and Linkedin profile of the EGTC Euregio Senza Confini.

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